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In the early morning, amidst the scenic beauty of the Ka'anapali Coffee Farms, cement trucks and a dedicated team worked together to lay a strong, smooth foundation, setting the stage for what promises to be another beautiful home on the island.

Pouring the foundation is more than just a construction step; it symbolizes the commitment to quality that the Zuma team strives for. It marks the transition from vision to reality, laying down the physical groundwork for a home that blends beauty with functionality.

With the foundation set, we're excited to move onto the next phase: framing. Starting this week, the structure will begin to rise, shaping the future home and offering a glimpse into the thoughtful design and commitment to quality that guides our work.

Stay tuned as we document each step of the Macciato project, from the ground up. Join us in watching another beautiful home come to life in Ka'anapali Coffee Farms.

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