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Garage doors take up a lot of real estate on your home, so it's worth giving them some careful thought.

There are many options to consider when choosing a garage door. Besides keeping with the style of the house, consider materials. Wood is a popular choice and looks great when it's installed but, especially here in Hawaii, wood garage doors generally don't hold up very well. Most manufacturers offer a wood look that will withstand the salt air and bright sunlight of the islands. Today's steel and aluminum doors are well built and offer a variety of styles to fit any aesthetic from classic to ultra-modern. Whether you go with painted or wood-grain the garage door(s) should blend seamlessly with the house to enhance tot total look.

Also consider maintenance when choosing your door. Steel and aluminum are both low maintenance, but if you paint your door, you'll have to re-paint occasionally. Most garage doors offer several options for panels. Most common is to have glass top panels, which allow for more light inside the garage.

Choose carefully, and enjoy the process, and your doors will be a welcoming sight for years to come.

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