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We have installed beautiful sapele wood cabinets, renowned for their stunning color and grain patterns, at Maui Mocha in the Ka'anapali Coffee Farms. Derived from the African mahogany family, sapele wood exhibits remarkable resistance to moisture and rot, ensuring longevity and beauty. The interior doors , also sapele, are a perfect complement the cabinetry.

In addition, we've tiled the exterior lanais with large format tiles by Arizona Tile. The tiles have a special non-slip R-11 finish, making them safe and comfortable to walk on, even when wet. The large format tiles also create a sophisticated and modern look. The tiled lanais seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a sophisticated ambiance. Once the tiles are installed, we cover the area with house wrap to protect the tile and grout from our famous Maui red dirt.

The garage doors are also being installed. At nine feet in height, these are a bit taller than a standard garage door. Because of the limited ceiling clearance we're going with a wall mounted opener. These are often used when there are rooms above the garage because they run quieter than a standard ceiling mount model.

Progress continues! The next steps are counter tops and plumbing fixtures so stay tuned for more updates.

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