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We’re continuing to frame Lot 7 in Pu’unoa. One of the features of this home are the ohia columns made from the trunks of ohia trees. Ohia posts or columns are durable and resistant to rot, making them an ideal material for outdoor use.

Ohia is a species of flowering tree that is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. The trees are known for their striking appearance, with vibrant red flowers that bloom in clusters on the tree's branches. The flowers are often used in Hawaiian lei making and are considered a symbol of love and friendship. The tree's bark is also distinctive, with a rough texture and a reddish-brown color.

In recent years, the ohia tree has faced a significant threat in the form of Rapid Ohia Death (ROD), a fungal disease that has killed thousands of ohia trees across the Hawaiian Islands. The disease is believed to have been introduced to Hawaii by human activity and can spread rapidly through the forests, killing trees in as little as a few weeks. The state of Hawaii has developed guidelines for the harvesting, processing, and use of ohia trees to help ensure that the resource is used in a responsible and sustainable manner.

The posts we’re using were sourced from the Big Island, and we were required to have them inspected by the department of agriculture to prevent the spread of ROD. The trunks were stripped of their outer layer of rough bark and cored to the size of our mounting posts. Once they reached our jobsite, we hoisted them over the wood supports, and they will be secured to the roof support beams.

Keep checking in to see our progress and the final look of these beautiful columns!

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