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Our ME24 project in Mahana Estates is taking shape. Because it's on a hill, we're building retaining walls behind the house and around the pool. There are many options for retaining wall materials, but in this case we're going with CMU block and Kapalua Blue Rock. The process is a little more complicated than just stacking the blocks. First, we start with rebar to hold the shape and add strength.

Then the blocks go in over the rebar. Next we fill the blocks with mortar. This ensures that the hill behind the wall isn't going to slide into the house.

Once the CMU is in place, it's time to make it pretty. We use Kapalua Blue Rock.

You can see a video of the progress so far below.

P.S. We're building the house up above too! It's nice to have two projects so close to one another!

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