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We've started building a the grotto at Frappuccino! Once complete, this will be a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate, featuring a hot tub, outdoor shower, and sauna.

The pergola, which is the main structure of the personal spa, is already underway. Once it's finished, we'll start adding the other elements, such as the hot tub, outdoor shower, and sauna. We're also planning to add some landscaping to create a truly tranquil oasis.

The hot tub is arriving soon and once we get it into place, we'll build a deck around it to give it a built-in feel. This will create a seamless and inviting space where the homeowners can relax and enjoy the benefits of their personal spa. There will even be an outdoor TV so the homeowners can enjoy entertainment while in the hot tub!

We're hoping to have the grotto completed very soon. In the meantime, we'll be sharing updates on our progress here. So stay tuned to learn more about this exciting new addition to Frappuccino!

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